Sandblasting is one of our primary pre-treatment methods to prepare your product for powdercoating. The process involves using compressed air to forcefully propel a specific type of blasting media (sand/garnet) via a dense blast hose and nozzle.

The compressed air and garnet is travelling at approximately 400km/h when it impacts onto the substrate to be prepared. The combination of course grade garnet and high speed at which it impacts the substrate, successfully removes all contaminants such as mill scale, iron oxide (red rust), zinc oxide (white rust), paint and other surface coatings.

We also offer sandblasting services to prepare steel and other substrates for off site alteration, galvanising or painting. Our sandblast operators are provided with all of the necessary equipment, training and skills to ensure that we deliver the best quality products and services to you. We are vastly experienced in sandblasting a variety of substrates big or small, robust or fragile and everything in between.