Powdercoating NZ offers high quality abrasive blasting and powdercoating services to commercial, industrial and domestic customers. We are a very experienced team who are knowledgeable and dedicated to providing our customers with guaranteed satisfaction. We care about your products. POWDERCOATING NZ provides the ULTIMATE FINISH


Sandblasting involves using compressed air to forcefully propel a specific type of blasting media (sand/garnet) via a dense blast hose and nozzle. The compressed air and garnet is travelling at approximately 400km/h when it impacts onto the substrate to be prepared.

Sandblasting is one of our primary pre-treatment methods to prepare your product for powdercoating. We also offer sandblasting services to prepare steel and other substrates for off site alteration, galvanising or painting.


Powdercoating is an electrostatic application of dry powder to metal surfaces which are then cured in an oven at 200°C. Good quality powdercoating is often more cost efficient, more hard wearing and more durable than conventional paint systems.

Powdercoating is prevalent in your life and is the surface coating on many different things you use and see everyday. There are two main types of powdercoat applied by powdercoating applicators.

Any type of surface finishing can only be as good as the preparation before the application. "Powdercoating NZ provides the best metal surface preparation." Our team proudly stands by this statement.