High Quality Abrasive Blasting & Powdercoating for commercial, industrial, and domestic customers.

Since our establishment in 2003, Powdercoating NZ has been offering extremely high quality abrasive blasting and powdercoating services to its customers. We care about your products, and provide our customers with a guaranteed satisfaction for peace of mind.

Our professional team is continually innovating specialist tools and techniques as new and motivating challenges arise. No job is too big, too small, or too difficult. We'd love to answer your questions, so give us a ring, an E-Mail, or visit our location at 10/12A Carters Crescent.

What we do at a glance

Sand Blasting

We not only Sand Blast to Powdercoat but can Sand Blast any other things, if you require. If it fits in our blast booth we will blast it for you. We can regulate the pressure of the sand blaster depending on whats required, for thin or soft panels.


Powdercoating is a highly durable and cost effective surface finish coating that provides exceptional corrosion protection and a cosmetically enhanced appeal to metal objects. Powdercoating is much more resistant to chipping, scratching and corrosion compared with paint, and offers a uniform, cosmetically enhanced professional look to your product that is cheaper and better than paint.

Powdercoating NZ provides the ultimate finish.

"Powdercoating NZ has a friendly team who go out of their way to help us get the best results for our clients. They are fast, efficient and give our products a superior finish."

- Terry Pluck, Owner of Steel Originals

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