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What is Powdercoating?

Powdercoating is an application process by which a dry powder is electrostatically applied via a handheld applicator to metal objects (aluminium, steel, etc). The powder that is applied is a thermosetting polymer resin.
Thermosetting polymer powders incorporate a cross-linking ingredient. After beening powdercoated the object or substrate is then baked in a large oven at 200°c. At this temperature, the powder reacts and cross-links (melts & flows) and becomes polymerised.
Upon the product cooling, the end result is a uniform, cosmetically enhanced, hard and highly durable surface coating that also offers corrosion protection.

What are our services?

  • Multiple powdercoating booths
  • Comprehensive pre-treatment facilities
  • Integrated abrasive blasting
  • Aluminium pre-treatment baths
  • Large bake oven. 6.5m x 3m x 2.4m.
  • Equipment to handle large heavy products.

    What can be Powdercoated?

    Powdercoating involves baking at 200°c so only metal items can be coated such as:
    Gates - Fence panels - Balustrades - Posts - Agricultural equipment - Trailers - Car parts - Motor bike frames - Mags