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We not only Sand Blast to Powdercoat but can Sand Blast any other things, if you require. If it fits in our blast booth we will blast it for you. We can regulate the pressure of the sand blaster depending on whats required, for thin or soft panels.


Powdercoat is a highly durable and cost effective surface finish coating that provides exceptional corrosion protection and a cosmetically enhanced appeal to metal objects. The powder is comprised of polyester, polyurethane or epoxy resin, mixed with colour pigments, hardeners and other ingredients. Powdercoating is a process by which the dry powdercoat is applied via an electrostatic applicator. The powder applicator positively charges the powder particles which are attracted onto the metal object being coated. The objects are then baked in an oven at approximately 200 degrees, during which time the powder melts, flows and 'sets', resulting in a smooth and uniform paint like finish. Powdercoating provides a highly durable exceptional corrosion protection the dry film process by which a dry resin based powder is applied to metal objects using electrostatic charge via aPowdercoating is a hard wearing and very durable surface coating and is much more resistant to chipping, scratching and corrosion compared with paint. It offers a uniform, cosmetically enhanced professional look to your product that is cheaper and better than paint.